For those waiting on a sequel to 2007’s ‘Flashpoint’, you guys will have to wait just a bit longer. But in the meantime, martial arts superstar DONNIE YEN is set to reunite with RAY LUI to bring us another MMA infused ‘Flashpoint’-esque actioner titled 大師兄 aka BIG BROTHER.

KAM KAR-WAI (Colour Of The Game) is directing with long time Donnie Yen collaborator KENJI TANIGAKI (SPL, Flashpoint) and his stunt team handling the action choreography. The list of top notch MMA talents and stuntmen involved in the film brought together by casting maestro MIKE LEEDER (Ultimate Justice, Chasing The Dragon) includes JESS LIAUDIN (Night Fare), BRAHIM ACHABBAKHE (Boyka: Undisputed IV), CRAIG MILLER (The Brothers Grimsby), TOM CASERTO (My War), SEMIQUAVER IAFETA (Unbeatable), and LOCKHART OGILVIE (Level Up).

大師兄 translates to ‘Big Brother’ in a martial arts context, which leads to rumors that this may be the same project that has long been in development under the name ‘The Master’. If the plot of ‘The Master’ is still intact, ‘Big Brother’ may tell the story of a Hong Kong immigrant who becomes a target of revenge after opening up his own Kung Fu school in America.

Not much else is known about ‘Big Brother’, so stay tuned for more details!

SOURCE: City On Fire