Director WONG JING (Chasing The Dragon) and martial arts superstar DONNIE YEN (Ip Man) is set to team up once again in the remake of ENTER THE FAT DRAGON.

The classic 1978 martial arts comedy starred Sammon Hung as “Lung, an apprentice pig farmer sent to the big city to help his family, only to find himself confronted by a gang of thugs trashing the grocery stand where he works. Lung’s hero is Bruce Lee, and he’s carefully studied Lee’s martial arts techniques; however, he also weighs a good hundred pounds more than Bruce, which makes him look like a less than threatening opponent.”

Yen will take on the role in a full on fat suit, which he has done before in the hilarious 2015 commercial below.

Yen channeling Sammo channeling Bruce Lee…in a FAT SUIT? This should be fun. Count me in.

Stay tuned for more details.