UPDATE: While speaking to SCMP Donnie Yen addresses the rumors of Jackie Chan’s involvement in the film:

“That was totally wrong reporting. Chan is not [in the film]. We’ve already finished shooting and he was not a part of it. Rumours are rumours.”

There you have it, Chan is officially NOT in the film. However, there is still plenty to be excited about especially an on-screen duel between Yen and Scott Adkins. The film has wrapped production so stay tuned for a Teaser soon.

UPDATE: Check out the latest on-set image featuring SCOTT ADKINS and WU YUE alongside director WILSON YIP and action choreographer YUEN WOO PING!

Details of the plot has emarged via Jaynestars.com stating that the film follows “Ip Man’s disciple, Bruce Lee, arriving in the United States to open his own martial arts school. Bruce offends the local people and Ip Man appears in Chinatown to help Bruce establish a stronger foot in Chinatown and win over his adversaries. Showcasing the power and spirit of Wing Chun, Ip Man earns the respect of the locals. The film will also depict how kung fu grows its roots in the United States”.

It is also rumored that the one and only JACKIE CHAN will make a special appearance as a “respected Big Brother in Chinatown” who goes mano-o-mano with Yen’s ‘Ip Man’.

Take this with a grain of salt for now as we get confirmation.

UPDATE: The cast of IP MAN 4 is rounding up quite nicely as VANNESS WU (Star Runner, Dragon Blade) is the latest to officially join the cast!

SOURCE: Vanness Wu Instagram

UPDATE: ‘Boyka’ himself SCOTT ADKINS (Boyka: Undisputed) has officially joined the cast of IP MAN 4!

Adkins is joined by ‘Paradox’ co-stars WU YUE and CHRIS COLLINS to round out the cast.

Adkins vs Yen. It does not get any better than this. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Production on IP MAN 4 has officially started! Check out the first official image below.

UPDATE: Production on IP MAN 4 is set to start rolling in the United States this April. Leading man DONNIE YEN stated:

“I spoke with director Wilson Yip on the phone, but I’m not clear about all the details of the movie. I can only say that in the new movie, Ip Man will be looking for [his disciple] Bruce Lee in the United States.”

SOURCE: JayneStars

UPDATE: Director WILSON YIP officially confirmed some details regarding the plot of IP MAN 4 stating:

“In Ip Man 4, I’m inclined to show how Ip Man views his relationship with Bruce Lee. [The story] won’t be just about Ip Man. How in reality did Chinese martial arts practitioners live after they went overseas in the 1960s and ’70s? [The film will explore this] through Lee and his martial arts school the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute, and his relationship with Ip.”

If scheduling is not in the way, Yip preferred choice is to have DANNY CHAN KWOK KWAN reprise his ‘Ip Man 3’ role as ‘Bruce Lee’, who will have “a very important presence” in the new film.

‘Ip Man 4’ is set to start production in March 2018 with a planned release at the end of that year.


UPDATE: DONNIE YEN recently revealed to Oriental Daily that production is set to start in March 2018. Yen stated:

“Director Wilson Yip is getting the script together right now. Production should start in March of next year, because that’s when we all have time in our schedules. I’ve saved that slot for Ip Man 4 already.”

UPDATE: Take your FIRST look at the Teaser Poster!

Filming will begin in early 2018 with YUEN WOO PING also returning as fight choreographer.

UPDATE: Looks like we have confirmation from DONNIE YEN himself that IP MAN 4 is OFFICIALLY happening with WILSON YIP set to return as director!

It looks like IP MAN 4 went from a ‘possibility’ to REALITY. The project is nothing short of confirmed with these promo posters popping up at CANNES.



Although nothing was officially announced, director WILSON YIP and star DONNIE YEN will most likely return. Yen even joked about bringing on Thai martial arts star TONY JAA on-board for ‘Ip Man 4’ while on the set of their upcoming blockbuster ‘XXX: Return Of Xander Cage’.

Stay tuned for an official announcement soon!