Action Hotties

Action Hottie Of The Week: JAMIE CHUNG

The beautiful JAMIE CHUNG got her start from the MTV reality TV series REAL WORLD: SAN DIEGO back in 2004. Her big break as an actress in a full length feature film was in the live-action Hollywood adaptation of the popular Japanese anime DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION (2009) alongside Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun Fat.


The film was panned by critics and failed at the box-office, but Chung’s […]

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Action Hottie Of The Week: ADRIANNE PALICKI

This week’s ‘Action Hottie’ title goes to the tough and sexy ADRIANNE PALICKI!


After starring in TV’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS from 2006-2011, Palicki got her big break in the blockbuster G.I. JOE: RETALIATION alongside action stars DWAYNE ‘THE ROCK’ JOHNSON, RAY PARK, BYUNG-HUN LEE and BRUCE WILLIS.


She can currently be seen on the big screen this weekend […]

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Action Hottie Of The Week: RONDA ROUSEY

This week’s ‘Action Hottie’ goes to current UFC Women’s Champion and action movie star RONDA ROUSEY!


Rousey is the first American ever to win an Olympic medal for women’s judo since its inception as an Olympic sport in 1992. Transitioning her judoka skills into the MMA/UFC world turned her into a bona fide super star as she teared through most of her opponents in the first […]

Action Hottie Of The Week: ZOE SALDANA

This week, the ‘Action Hottie Of The Week’ title goes to ZOE SALDANA, who is currently ruling the box office as the leading lady of Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!



No stranger to big blockbusters, Saldana broke out in 2009 by starring in J.J. ABRAMS’ STAR TREK and JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR, which as you all know is […]

Action Hottie Of The Week: SCARLETT JOHANSSON

The week’s ‘Hottie Of The Week’ goes to the current queen of the box office, the star of the action thriller LUCY, the beautiful and talented SCARLETT JOHANSSON!


The box office success of ‘Lucy’ this past weekend pretty much cemented Scarlett as the next big Hollywood action heroine that can carry an action film (since Angelina Jolie). ‘Lucy’ went above and beyond all expectations by scoring […]

Action Hottie Of The Week: ANGELINA JOLIE

In honor of her 39th birthday today, this week’s ‘Action Hottie’ title goes to the sexy ANGELINA JOLIE! Jolie is best known for her portrayal of the live action adaptation of ‘Lara Croft’ in the TOMB RAIDER franchise.


She went on to do a string of action blockbuster hits including WANTED, SALT, and MR. & MRS. SMITH where she met current husband BRAD PITT.

Action Hottie Of The Week: JENNIFER LAWRENCE

Best known for playing heroine ‘Katniss Everdeen’ in the megahit series THE HUNGER GAMES and the second youngest ‘Best Actress’ Oscar winner ever (for SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK), this week’s ‘Action Hottie’ title goes to the beautiful and talented JENNIFER LAWRENCE!


Lawrence can be seen on the big screen this week reprising her role as the sexy shape-shifting mutant ‘Mystique’ in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

Action Hottie Of The Week: ELIZABETH OLSEN

Known as the younger sister of the famous Olsen twins, ELIZABETH OLSEN was born on February 16, 1989 in Sherman Oaks, California. Her breakout role was in the critically acclaimed film MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE in 2011.


Last year she starred opposite Josh Brolin (Sin City 2) in director Spike Lee’s remake of the Korean cult hit OLDBOY. She can currently be seen on the big […]