UPDATE: According to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, Splendid Film have picked up the rights for THE EXPENDABLES 4 in all German-speaking territories across Europe.

The film is the FINAL entry in the action-franchise and is expected to go back to Rated-R after the disappointing box-office return of the PG-13 rated ‘The Expendables 3’.

No words yet on who will be directing or which members of the cast will return. The main core of SYLVESTER STALLONE, JASON STATHAM, and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER are most likely coming back for a final mission.

‘The Expendables 4’ is targeted for a release in 2018.

UPDATE: Franchise regular RANDY COUTURE recently revealed to THE ARNOLD FANS that ‘The Expendables 4’ will officially start production THIS FALL!

No news yet on who will be joining the crew this time around.

UPDATE: Despite “Expendables 3” disappointing box office result in the U.S. ($39 million), the film was highly successful in China grossing close to $80 million. This helped greenlit the 4th installment of the franchise with the help of being co-produced by a Chinese company.

THE EXPENDABLES 4 is set to go into production next year on a $100 million budget with a release targeted for 2017.

No director or cast members have been announced. With this being a China co-production, expect some big names Chinese action stars to join in on the fun. It is no secret that Stallone have been pursueing JACKIE CHAN to come on-board. Do not be surprise if Chan finally gives in this time around. Lets cross our fingers!

Stay tuned for more details!

SOURCE: Variety

While doing the promotional rounds for THE EXPENDABLES 3 this past weekend in Macao with co-stars ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and RONDA ROUSEY, SLY STALLONE drops a few hints of what he wants for the next installment and his desire to expand the franchise to Asia.

327Macau Film The Expendables 3

Speaking to CCTV, Stallone stated:

“As we go on, we will continue to add more stars, more personalities, more athletes, more individuals around the world, not just Americans. They’ll be from all parts of the world. Hopefully, we’ll be able to film in Asia very soon.”

Regarding international action star JACKIE CHAN, Stallone added:


“We’ve always wanted to use Jackie Chan. The only reason we didn’t…because there really wasn’t a part big enough for him, because we had so many actors. But in the next one, we are going to reduce the actors, and let’s just say, expand the screen time of each star.”

He also mentioned that he did considered Hong Kong master action director JOHN WOO for part 3 and he can possibly revisit that option for part 4.

But considering ‘The Expendables 3’ lackluster box office performance so far after being hit by the online leak of the film 3 weeks ago and the horrible decision to go PG-13, its going to take a huge lift from the international box office results for part 4 to even be possible.

Lets all cross our fingers that the film does well internationally because it looks like Stallone could be heading into the right direction that fans have been waiting for. Reducing the amount of actors and expending the screen time of each star (including Jackie Chan) and possibly bringing in an action director like John Woo is definitely the right step forward for the franchise.