Mature Live-Action TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Series A Possibility


While attending San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman sat down with and teased a possible mature live-action Netflix-type series when asked about what direction the franchise can be heading:

“Its a great question cause it really been so fascinating as we watch so many things on the entertainment side of our industry change so much in particular, you know, and I think of, how I enjoyed Daredevil, the Netflix TV series with Charlie Cox and because Daredevil was a huge influence obviously on the Turtles universe and for me that was my favorite comic growing up. I feel like The Turtles have evolved to this point after 35 years almost, and this sounds weird, but its almost to where they started out where we had the original black and white comic book come out intended for our older audience, and then we developed a cartoon show specifically for a younger audience, and now I feel like we’ve gone back to that place where we have the original fans that are like 30 years old…I feel like that’s the direction I think we can go and there’ll be enough of and audience to support both. Because we do see a lot of that fans asking when can we get that edgy, you know, Netflix Daredevilish sort of intensity of the Turtles – at the same time, you can balance that with such a wonderful cartoon series like, Rise of the Turtles, the new series, back to that spot where we’re sacred to a much younger audience. So I think that’s hopefully in the future I’d love to see that, really.”

As mentioned, this is simply Eastman’s idea of where he thinks the franchise should go. But just imagining the possibility of having Raphael mowing down the foot soldiers ala the Daredevil hallway fight is blowing my mind. Lets cross our fingers dudes. Cowabunga and wish for the best.


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