Marvel Studios Moves Forward With First Asian Superhero SHANG-CHI


Marvel Studios is officially moving forward with its first Asian superhero SHANG-CHI! The film is currently on the fast-track with a search for a director, preferably an Asian director.

The producers are hoping to capture the same magic for Asian audiences similar to what ‘Black Panther’ has done for the African-American culture. Chinese-American writer Dave Callaham (Wonder Woman 1984, Jean-Claude Van Johnson) has been hired to pen the script.

‘Shang-Chi’ aka “Master Of Kung Fu” made his debut in Special Marvel Edition #15 in December 1973 created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Jim Starlin. The character is “the son of China-based globalist who raised and educated his progeny in his reclusive China compound, closed off to the outside world. The son trained in the martial arts and developed unsurpassed skills. He is eventually introduced to the outside world to do his father’s bidding, and then has to come to grips with the fact his revered father might not be the humanitarian he has claimed to be and is closer to what others call him: The Devil’s Doctor. He also might be centuries old. The deceit makes them bitter enemies.” ‘Shang-Chi’ was even at one time a member of the ‘Avengers’.

Who would you cast as the “Master Of Kung Fu”? Comment below!

Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Deadline


  1. I say find some young talented martial artist from China with acting potential. A fresh face. Or you could just get Tony Jaa. Maybe see if Tilda Swinton is available.


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